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I created this Tumblr to collect all of my New York musings. Because let's be real, it feels like I'm living in a movie, and before I know it, everything will be just a story to tell.

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By the way, when I mention "my boyfriend" I'm talking about this awesomely talented dude. And yes, his name is real.
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Ok. So, I really wanted to title this post “Baby Got Back” and then I got all self conscious because that’s pretty much the most obvious (and least creative) thing I could write. You all deserve better than that. But look at what I chose…”Baby Back [Celebrity] Ribs”? I’m not sure that’s any better.

Now I’m just really craving Dino BBQ

The point is, we’re going to be talking about backs in this post. 

Specifically, celebrity backs. 

As in, the back of their person. 

I am not a star struck kinda gal. Who am I kidding though? If Leo DiCaprio came within a block radius of me I would probably self-combust. 

Isn’t he dreamy? And probably a pod person.


The funnest thing about celebrities is you get to say you saw them. You can put their names on your “list”—like you somehow were in the presence of greatness. 

I never ask for autographs, or pictures, BUT when I discovered f*ck!n$ BILL MURRAY just randomly was at the Atlanta, Georgia hotel where I was staying, I flipped. And then, I unknowingly, asked him to move out of way so I could get through to the other side of the bar. Thanks for being cool, Bill.

I had to get a pic. 

They all turned out like this. 


Oh, well. 

But then it happened again. Another celebrity was staying at that hotel. What was up with this? This time it was Jeff Daniels (AKA Dumber), walking past me. 



That’s all I got. 


"How funny," I thought. I go out of New York, and all I see are celebrities. Now I have these awkward back pics of them as evidence. 

(Insert the elusive AHA moment)

OMG. This is hilarious, actually. Pictures of the backs of celebrities. Everyone’s got them. Anyone can take them. It’s also a part of them we never see…we already know what their faces look like.

Thus it was born…the Award-winning Tumblr…Celebrity Back Pics. Ok, so the only award it gets is the Best Idea I’ve Had This Year award.


My boyfriend with the awesome (and real) last name designed this graphic for the blog. 

I have fun seeing what people submit. The pictures are so vulnerable. We always use the word “back” to indicate trust or betrayal. “I’ve got your back”—”He stabbed me in the back”—”Back me up on this”—”Don’t turn your back on me”—”I give you a pat on the back.”

What’s the next step for CBP? I’m thinking Humans of New York and Celebrity Back Pics team up and do a show for charity. I’ve already got his back pic.

Follow @celebbackpics on Twitter and submit your own back pic!

One of the reasons I’m a big organizing nerd is because when it comes down to doing something I don’t want to waste time hunting for the supplies. 

I figure, if things are organized, my effort in the long run will benefit. I’m not saying hard work isn’t necessary, but studies prove working longer is not necessarily better. In America we equate hard work with long hours, sleep depriavtion, and “I’m too busy” excuses. 

Let’s put that myth on the back burner and practice balance. 

First step, knowing where your stuff is.

There are my five tools for getting organized, and more importantly, staying organized.


They are cheap and adorable. Mason jars are not just for canning anymore. I use mine to store business cards right now. However, I just found out about an awesome app update from Evernote and LinkedIn where you scan business cards and it inputs all of the info, making it easy to connect on LinkedIn. This new update kind of puts my mason jar system to shame…I guess I will only be keeping the hard copies of those special few that “wow” me. I am a fan of a creative b-card.  


Seeing what ya got is the name of the game. I love these containers from none other than the holy grail of organizing, the Container Store. I use them for all of my crafts, office supplies, and even kitchen goods. 


Mini clothespins are cute and functional. I spiced up mine with some washi tape


Files, folders, and (yet another) clear container is the easiest way to file your papers fast and with style. I make it a habit to take bills, and any other papers that pile up on my desk, to this file box every weekend. Everything is clearly marked and I used washi tape (I’m a huge fan, clearly) to spice up the labeling. 

My last tip isn’t a physical tool, as much as a philosophy that I try to live by. To be honest, I have to remind myself of this everyday. I’m a work in progress, but I’m willing to put in the work.

Here’s to being a better organizer, adorable office supplies, and spending your time wisely. 

This is the deal. I’m a fan of Law and Order and Ice T has always rocked SVU (14 seasons, to be precise). Even when he doesn’t have any lines, he just flashes the Ice T “look” and that’s all she wrote. 


Photo credit:

You’re smiling. You can’t deny it. He’s adorable.

When I found out that he had a podcast, I was immediately all over it. I downloaded the only episodes that were out (1-3) and started listening to them.

I cried laughing so hard. I laughed those kind of laughs where people might think you are getting stabbed, or worse—that you are one of those annoying laugher types.

I assure you, those from-the-gut laughs are rare and should be sought after regularly.

That’s why I’m here. To convince you that this is most-likely the best (and only) podcast you will ever listen to.

Here are my top 5 reasons you should listen to Ice T’s podcast “The Final Level”

1) It will put a big ‘ole smile on your face. Be prepared; you’re going to be that crazy person smile-laughing as you listen on your morning drive to work. Or in my case, on a subway train full of 50+ strangers that are probably stranger than me. 

2) He’s a genuinely awesome guy. He will respond to you. Tweet at him, call in to the show, whatever—he’s totally into talking to you. 

This is how I found out I should refer to him as Ice T, not Ice-T.

3) He calls himself out if he says something insensitive or if something he says is misinterpreted. Early on in the series he apologetically addresses listeners giving him flack about calling women “bitches.”  Listen, we will all know when Ice T wants to be offensive. He doesn’t mess around.

4) His voice is soothing. Something about his lispy cadence really gets me. His first art form is rap, so he knows how to string a poetically profane sentence together (my favorite). He is a great conversationalist and I enjoy the quips between him and his co-host/BFF Mick Benzo. I usually listen to the podcast on my morning commute to work. It’s a stressful and bumpy ride, but the podcast transports me into my own little world where hard work and personality win. Ice T is a great success story. 

5) You may believe me or not, but Ice actually has some wise life advice—even for Justin Bieber. 

6) Bonus: All this wisdom, hilarity, and foul language is free! My favorite price.

So go download them all and catch up. 

Fun facts about writing this post:

- I wanted to mention I live across the river from Ice T somewhere in this post, but couldn’t find a normal-not-weird way of writing it in. He lives in Edgewater and I live on Riverside Drive in Washington Heights. Sometimes I think I can see him on his terrace, but that clearly is impossible.

- I asked Ice T about his name because while I was writing this post I had no idea how to reference him. It really is different everywhere. Even on iTunes. Glad that’s cleared up.

I don’t know why we get all uncomfortable when people talk about sex. It’s taboo in American culture, and we really are (I know I am) afraid of how people will perceive us if we talk about it. 

April’s Creative Mornings theme was “SEX” and I had the pleasure of seeing Cindy Gallop speak at Galapagos.

I first heard of Cindy when I watched her TedTalk from 2009

I found her candor and values admirable. Growing up in Oklahoma, sex education was lacking, to say the least. I saw my state become one of the worst for teen pregnancy and STDs. I saw the effects of living in a state that not only didn’t talk about sex, it condemned those who did. If you were talking about sex in Oklahoma, you better be discussing it in terms of chastity or the right to life. Those were your options.

Going to college was a whole new world. In college I volunteered with the Women’s Outreach Center and became a Sexpert, a peer college sex education presenter.

I had been in a class where the Sexperts presented and I was completely impressed by how fun, informative, and important the presentation was to my development as a young person. For the next two years I had the best time wow-ing people with sex knowledge. Did you know the male ejaculate can get up to 28mph? Neither did they.

Every time we gave a presentation, people let their guards down and felt more open about the topic, because we were setting the tone. We never had hecklers, negative feedback, or any of the things you might fear if you were talking about sex in front of a room full of 200 18-year old freshmen. 

Little did I realize, I was really getting some of the best public speaking experience a person can ask for. Talking about sex in front of your peers is about as nerve-wracking as you can get.

One of my fondest memories from doing this volunteer work in college was being a part of a distinguished group on campus that invited prominent authors to speak.

I was paired up with an Indian author after I read a few of her books. I was ecstatic to meet her. Her writing very much moved me. As we got to know each other over the weekend she was in town, I told her about my college activities—and being a Sexpert. To my surprise, she wanted to know more. 

I told her about my favorite part of the presentation where we showed audiences how to properly put on a condom. We used a blue and white cloudy “Smirf” looking demonstration tool (aka dildo), and it was always my favorite part of the presentation because it got the most giggles. We made jokes like “If it looks like this (Smirf like), you should probably run.”

She confided in me that she actually never had seen a condom, because she married young and it was never something they used. I told her I could bring her some if she wanted to just open them and see what all the hoopla was about. She was thrilled by the idea, so the next day when we met for a distinguished banquet I slipped the goods under the table. We giggled so hard that I know people wished they were at our table. If they only knew. 

This experience made me realize everyone loves to talk about this stuff—even world renowned authors from India. People have questions. Curiosities. And it doesn’t make them weird, whore-ish, or (fill in your own misconceptions). 

In Cindy Gallop’s vision of MakeLoveNotPorn I see something that is on the verge of taking off. It’s our culture embracing the au naturel that make her project so enticing. People are sick of the fake.

Fake tans. Fake hair. Fake food. Fake body parts. More and more, I see a trend towards the real, and Cindy is ready and waiting for the time when people want more than the current norm.

We could all use a better dose of reality when it comes to relationships and being a respectful partner—Cindy’s site delivers. 

I need you to trust me on this. This isn’t your typical life changing moment or story. It’s a bit more practical than that, but don’t doubt the title of this post. It truly is LIFE CHANGING. 

So what is it? 

The Food Processor. I know what you are thinking. Cassie, you are SO over exaggerating. Nah, nah, nah. We agreed to trust one another here. So let me explain…

I just got done gushing about this machine to my coworkers and guess what they did in minutes of me telling them this information? They both bought one.

I’m telling ya—everyone wants their jobs to be easier. And in this city, time isn’t a joke. It comes as quickly as it goes. 

I have always wondered about food processors. They seemed very expensive—but this one was a surprising $30. My hunger for fresh guacamole and salsa increases as this summer season inches closer. Salsaaaaaa….

With my mouth watering, I put it in my Amazonian cart. Checked out. And yesterday it arrived. 


(I watched this video about how to put it together and use it)

Chop ‘em. Dice ‘em. Slice ‘em. Purée ‘em! It’s all a possibility with the three blade options. Craving tomatillo salsa? Make your own (without preservatives) in SECONDS. I mean that….seconds. Is this pitch working?

That’s my least favorite part about making a meal is all of the chopping…so I made this southwestern chopped salad and dressing with it last night in about 7 minutes. It chopped my salad perfectly, and as a byproduct I’m probably going to eat more of it. It also can make a lot—so now I have meals for days.

I’m such a newbie at this, so I’ve been pinning recipes that are food processor specific, or that I know could use a little food processor love. Check them out: 

Follow Cassandra Ketrick’s board Food Processor Recipes on Pinterest.

I’ve never heard anyone gab on about a food processor before, so my bad if this news isn’t so new. Perhaps this is the best kept secret. I’m here shouting if from the (Tumblr) rooftop…

Everybody, a food processor will change your life for the better! Chop, chop—time’s a wastin’!